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About Baker Heritage Farms
After several years of research, the Baker family established an "experimental" farm that will determine if a backyard/small acreage farm (1) can produce sufficient crops and/or livestock to reduce food costs enough to replace one income of a two-income family; (2) can produce sufficient income to cover the expenses of operating such an enterprise, and (3) can produce a profit.

Our research of current farming techniques, including the use of genetically modified (GMO) seeds and hormone injected livestock, indicated that more emphasis is being placed on increasing production rather than improving quality and health, as well as planning for government subsidies to provide income from crop failures and livestock loss from disaster and disease rather than establishing good stewardship to address weather and disease impact on crop and livestock production.

Baker Heritage Farms is committed to using natural means and methods to provide farm fresh, locally grown produce and meat products. Baker Heritage Farms will provide wholesome, healthy, natural, and chemical free food products grown and raised in an ecological and environmentally friendly manner.